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eBay software

eBay running Slow?? Try this from the ebay forums. It will greatly speed up your time spent on the site.

This is from the eBay user hotnuts  (view author's auctions)

Animated Gif to show you how to do this

Here is the way I have my machine configured to deal with eBay.

I have the following in my RESTRICTED SITES zone and I don’t get security warnings or have a problem with slow loading of pages on eBay:


I know it’s a lot to put in your restricted sites zone but you can copy and paste the addresses into a Word or any text document and then cut and paste (one at a time) into your restricted sites zone.

I also run Ad-Aware from Lavasoft, SpyBot S&D and SpywareBlaster (all free programs) to help keep the other garbage off my machine. Click the program names for the correct links. Beware of other anti-spyware programs you may find. Even though some of them are excellent programs, some of them actually load spyware onto your machine. This is the configuration I use and it works for me. Just a little more information - I am running Windows XP Pro with SP2 and I have my “Internet Zone” set to default. There are no entries in my “Trusted Sites” zone.

Good Luck!



Yet another

Due to recent changes requiring a signin for "Completed Items" search on eBay guess this page needs to be updated... To return your ability to view "Completed Items" you will need to remove from your previous Internet Explorer tweak. The instructions below will still speed up page loads on category and search results pages... It will suppress many eBay errors that interfer with your daily activities here... It will have no adverse affects on any other site... The only possible interference you may experience will be if you click the "Refine Search" link from a search results page... Clicking that link will take you to eBay's Advanced Search located at search.ebay with the original search keyword(s) already prepopulated in the text field... An identical Advanced Search exists on pages.ebay and can be used without problems.

FIRST, clear the browser's cache:
A. Click on "Tools" in the IE toolbar...
B. Scroll the drop-down menu to "Internet Options" and click...
C. The Internet Options dialog box pops up with the "General" tab on top...
D. Click "Delete Files"...
E. In the next pop-up put a check mark in the box for "Delete all off-line content" and click "OK"...
F. Once the cache purge is finished click "OK"

SECOND, stop the JavaScript downloads on the search results pages:
1. Click on the "Tools" button again in your toolbar.
2. Click on "Internet options" again in the dropdown.
3. Click on the "Security" tab in the pop-up window.
4. Click on the "Restricted sites" icon (red w/white dash).
5. Click on the "Sites..." button.
6. Add the following URLs one at a time... Clicking the "Add" button after each:

7. Click "OK" when finished...
8. You should be back to the "Security" tab... Double-check that you have remained in the "Restricted Sites" zone then CLICK "Custom Level"
9. Now adjust your browser settings in the "Restricted sites" zone to these levels:
Download signed ActiveX controls (Disable)
Download unsigned ActiveX controls (Disable)
Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe (Disable)
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins (Disable)
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting (Disable)
***There may be a cookies setting here if you are still using IE5.x***
File download (Disable)
Font download (Disable)
Java permissions (High safety)
Access data sources across domains (Disable)
Don't prompt for client certificate selection when... (Disable)
Drag and drop or copy and paste files (Enable)
Installation of desktop items (Disable)
Launching programs and files in an IFRAME (Disable)
Navigate sub-frames across different domains (Disable)
Software channel permissions (High safety)
Submit nonencrypted form data (Enable)
Userdata persistence (Disable)
Active scripting (Disable)
Allow paste operations via script (Disable)
Scripting of Java applets (Prompt)
Logon (Prompt for user name and password)
10. Click "OK"...
11. Click "OK" on the "Security" tab.

AND THIRD, turning off script debugging:
Z1. Click on the "Tools" button again in your toolbar.
Z2. Click on "Internet options" again in the dropdown.
Z3. Click on the "Advanced" tab in the pop-up window.
Z4. Under "Browsing" put a check-mark next to "Disable script debugging"...
Z5. Un-check "Display a notification about every script error"...
Z6. Click "Apply"...
Z7. Click "OK"...

NOW, eXit (close) all browser windows... Start a new browser session... Try surfing eBay again.
Good Luck!





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