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Help us stop the eBay scams. If you have collected information about a scam or website then contact us and we will post that information here. To Report Scam Or Spam:
Make sure to forward the spam to email to eBay:   or
To report a scam to the FBI: http://www1.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp

The Quickest way to report a scam to forward it to
  and/or send us an email Report Spam or Scam .
And we will post in on our board
(We will collect the information and post it for you Anonymously)

Not sure if it's from eBay? do a Whois:

Date Reported Scam Type Info on the scam
9-9-2004 Oldest ebay scam in the book Click for Details
3-8-2004 Account Scam Click for Details
12-05-2003 Account info Scam Click for Details
9-20-2003 Account info Scam Click for Details
9-18-2003 Account Verification Scam Click for Details
9-16-03 Account info update Scam http://scriptcontest.info Click for Details
9-11-03 Account Update Scam Security Update Scam Click for Details
8-28-2003 Account Sign in & Paypal Scam Click for Details
8-24-2003 Account Sign in Scam  www.macacpemine.com Click for Details
8-14-2003 Account info letter from ebay Bogus !!! Click for Details
8-14-2003 SwiftPay.us  email scam !!!!! Click for Details
August-10-2003 email with the subject eBay Account Info Click for Details
August-06-2003 email with the subject eBay Account Info Click for Details
8-2-2003 eBay Password Scam Poorly done Armature scammer Click for Details
7-28-2003 eBay Security update Log on to account ... Yeah right Click for details


eBay Account Scam Notice Reported  Click Here for Details


eBay Contest Winner email FAKE !!! ***Attention New eBay Scam this weekend 6-6-2003
n/a PayPal users beware; watch out for scam emails

 Read More

n/a eBay Billing Scam !!!

Exposed by: Digital Matrix

n/a e-mail scam. You just need to enter your user name and password to win a contest. Yeah right

Exposed by: Digital Matrix

n/a Whatís real, whatís a scam? eBay users

Source: MSNBC

n/a If you are contacted by e-mail and asked to submit your financial information to a Florida based website going by the name of ebayupdates.com, itís a scam!!

Source: Classbrain

n/a Anatomy of a Really Convincing PayPal Scam

Exposed by: Speculations

n/a During our regular update and verification of the accounts, we couldn't verify your current information.

Exposed: by an alert eBay user

n/a Verify Account scam & Violation Scam

Exposed: eBay Groups

n/a Connecticut Woman Cops a Plea in eBay Scam

 Auction Bytes

n/a eBay's counsel told reporters that the federal charges filed against three of its users mark the first criminal case to result from alleged shill bidding online.


n/a Alleged software piracy ringleader arrested in Bangkok


  News Link
n/a Latest updates on scam new

 Google News

n/a The online auctioneer's software failed to catch an Arizona couple that allegedly stole more than $100,000 from more than 500 bidders

Information week


Report Dead links here:

To report a scam to the FBI: http://www1.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp

To report a scam to eBay:   or

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