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web version of Spider Food Pro

eBrowser V 1.00
The program basics are the same as you will find in IE explorer and many other popular browser programs. The differences are that eBrowser is fine tuned for the iOffer site.

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Spide-O-Gram v 1.00 
Increase your sales now you can do your own direct mailing. With in just a few clicks of the mouse you can email 1000's of customers about your items you have for sale.

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Spider Food Pro v 1.00 
Differences between SpiderFood & SpiderFood Pro. SpiderFood Pro can make SpiderFood from any of your store categories, you will no longer be limited to the first 500 items in your store. SpiderFood Pro has the ability to make Colored text boxes around your Spider Food. Colors: Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Orange and the original Spider Food code

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Store Maker
StoreMaker is a simple but powerful utility that will import your iOffer Store Listings in HTML format, complete with thumbnail images. The harvested results can then be copied to your computer's clipboard and/or saved to disk for later use. When pasted into web pages, these links will appear on your site just as they appear in your iOffer Store. Visitors to your website can view your iOffer listings on your web pages and by simply clicking on the hyperlinked titles they can be transferred to your iOffer store site where they can purchase the item selected.

Placing your iOffer Store Listings on your web pages will also attract search engine spiders to your site, which can greatly enhance your website's exposure on the internet.

.( This will work with some versions of win 95 & 98 if you have made all of your updates. The setup will now install for these versions of windows but we can not guarantee that it will produce code on your machine )
Compatibility win 2000,XP & NT

Notes From Friends
This program will Scan your Recommends and your Recommended iOffer Profile.
From that it will create a List of users you need to recommend and if you select it will recommend them for you.
Compatibility win 95,98,ME,2000,XP & NT

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Spider Food Version 1.02
Draw Web Spiders to your iOffer items for sale on own webpage.

SpiderFood will scan your iOffer
items. and create a series of HTML links back to
your iOffer items for sale .
Compatibility win 95,98,ME,2000,XP & NT


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Bulk Lister V 1.01,
CSV writer for iOffer Listings. This is comparable to eBay's Mr.Lister. Now you can list your items offline. Download this handy tool today. Many Many options are included in the V 1.00 release.


Author of BulkLister:
Special Thanks to:

Special Thanks to the iOffer team

BulkLister is not an iOffer product nor is Bestwebauctions an iOffer company. iOffer is a registered trademark of iOffer Inc. BulkLister is owned by Tool Box Software a BestWebAuctions.Net Company

Compatibility win 95,98,ME,2000,XP & NT


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recommend it to a friend. **

A Message from the development team: This program is freeware but we also eat to survive and Due to the increased bandwidth use and development time spent on this project we are asking for donations. To help defray the costs. This is NOT a requirement to use or download the program the program is FREE. an contains NO ad's, tracking or nag screens. Thank you.


  Software to create a POSTAL calculator in your eBay auctions !!! FREE
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Postal Free Postage Program Click Icon for more info. FREE
Full Description
Book Look V 1.00
View information and photos of 1000's of books just by typing in the ISBN number. An excellent tool for research or a book reseller.
Compatibility win 95,98,ME,2000,XP & NT

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Pass The Bar V 1.00
Bar Code look up Software. Enter in your barcode digits and with an internet connection, Pass the Bar will
Search the web and bring back the product name and MFGR and the UPC barcode.
Compatibility win 95,98,ME,2000,XP & NT

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