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Problems suggestions or questions about Bulklister
Current version updated 5/27/2004
  What's New ?

Bulk Lister V 1.01,
CSV writer for iOffer Listings. This is comparable to eBay's Mr.Lister. Now you can list your items offline. Download this handy tool today. Many Many options are included in the V 1.00 release.


Author of BulkLister:
Main author for the help files:
LaBelle Antiques

Special Thanks to:

Special Thanks to the iOffer team

BulkLister is not an iOffer product nor is Bestwebauctions an iOffer company. iOffer is a registered trademark of iOffer Inc. BulkLister is owned by Tool Box Software a BestWebAuctions.Net Company

** Remember if you like this software
recommend it to a friend. **

A Message from the development team: This program is freeware but we also eat to survive and Due to the increased bandwidth use and development time spent on this project we are asking for donations. To help defray the costs. This is NOT a requirement to use or download the program the program is FREE. an contains NO ad's, tracking or nag screens. Thank you.



Here is a screen shot



  Added support for HTML to be entered or loaded directly  into the
  Description box.

  Fixed backspace problem in title bar if you exceeded 55 chars.
  Fixed the clear effects file list box

 The program base is now on a scroll box  i.e. if you have a small
  screen or an older monitor this should help you view the entire


  official release of version 1.0
  added Themes
  added Code Snippets
  relocated function button to relative locations
  added features to the Simple CSV editor
  changed photo for "main" button
  added "clear fields" in the menu bar and the main form
  official name of the program is now BulkLister



  Resolved the Java script error.
  added support for 3 Photos
  added Html Effects see help under same
  added special effects form top button.
  upgraded CSV this also resolved the Java error..
  added Features to the Simple CSV editor
  updated help files.
  added a form top edit CSV button.
  added a change font & size button


     added iOffer lite support
     added font size and type option
     added support for small monitors
     updated help files

     We are still looking for an HTML guru to
     develop HTML themes for the listings I have
     many templates currently made. I will send you these.
     You will need a copy of MS FrontPage. Contact us if you are


The Best Web Auctions' iOffer CSV Bulklister is downloaded as a .zip file. What  does this mean? It means that the program has been "compressed" for quick download. Compressed files are a group of files squeezed into one file that you transfer. This cuts download time. If you have an Unzip program on your computer it will pop up and you can "decompress" your files and install the CSV Bulk Loader. Windows XP has Unzip built in.

If you don't have an Unzip Program, don't worry! They are typical and can be found online for free. They are a quick download and take up little space. You can check any search engine for a "free unzip program".

LaBelle Antiques

Here is a Google link to free Zip Software

Link to a FREE zip program



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