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PHP, HTML & Java Test Board
v 0.95  Download    Demo
like an Online Compiler  report non-operating software

Title: PHP, HTML & Java Test Board
Download URL:
Version: .95
Platform: Any supporting PHP
File Size: 5.31 KB
Price: Freeware
Summary: Test your PHP & Java Scripts no FTP required.
GUI learning tool for PHP, Java & HTML. Easily test scripts Itís like a virtual online compiler. Click here for the demo. PHP, HTML & Java Test Board has many built in code snippets and is Completely customizable with no restrictions.
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About: I wrote this while teaching myself PHP & Java. I wanted an easier way to test the routines
on the server. It was a lot easier than using my FTP to test each program.

I have not placed any copyright info on the code since most people remove it right away
I do have a link back to my home page at the bottom.

Remember to chmod "temp.php" 777 & password protect this directory or add a password
to this file. I figured the best security was random lock outs to let the end user decided.
I suggest this since any one will have access to your files and website via this program.
So don't offer it to the public then complain when they delete your website.

Use this at your own risk !!!!

The code is kind of beginner but it's a nice program that can be improved on...

To Chmod the file you will need to use your websites control panel or access the site via FTP and chmod the "temp.php" file to 777



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