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eBay Trolls The unspoken truth
From the eBay Boards this was well stated.

eBay software

A troll can mean things to different people depending
on their experience with them. My personal thoughts are
that a troll is someone who is usually lonely.
They don't have any friends outside of these
community boards so they come here and be nice
to a few people but if someone disagrees with them
then something happens to them. They become fierce
verbal vermin. They change their ID's for the
sole purpose of being able to say what they want,
usually in a hurtful mean vile manner, and it not
be known that they were the friend you just laughed
with on another thread.

Trolls are really just sad, sad people who have no
life outside of e-bay. They wake up thinking about
these boards and go to bed thinking about these boards.
In between they are on these boards doing as much damage
as they can, depending on their mood. But like I said,
sometimes they are nice but beware, they are the epitome
of a wolf in sheeps clothing. Trouble is, you'll never
know who they are. They could be the most helpful fun
loving person on the board and then WHAM they will
broadside you with a hurtful unnecessary remark but remember,
not in that nice helpful name.Oh and trolls can be so
devious that they will bid on your auctions and then
deliver you an undeserved feedback from hell.
Sometimes they stalk peoples auctions too.
It can get really bad. But that is the difference
between a Peeping Tom and a Rapist. A board troll is
a Peeping Tom an auction troll is a rapist.

They are horrible people. Too bad they CAN change their spots.
EBay allows them to be chameleons.

That is my POV

Pronunciation: trôll
Function: noun
Etymology: Old Norse troll, from Old eBay PITA
Definition: 1a: one who searches board posts solely to find opinions to attack.
1b: one who can't keep the grubby fingers off the report button.
1c: one who strives for attention.
1d: one who has no life and should be pitied
1e: a large lout who lives in a cave or under a bridge and eats travelers.
1f: small plastic dolls with wildly-colored hair assumed to have the power to wreak havoc on the residence in which they reside.


troll meaning web


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